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Think Twice Weekly Report
July 11 - July 17, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Ed Next Money Does Matter After All Commentary 7/17/2015
Ed Next Money Matters After All? Commentary 7/17/2015
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Does School Choice Increase Inequality? Commentary 7/17/2015
New America Foundation How Early Education Can Reduce Special Education Placements Commentary 7/17/2015
AEI Does the secretary of education really want to fix NCLB? Commentary 7/16/2015
Bellwether Graduation Rates Are Insufficient as an Accountability Measure Commentary 7/16/2015
Bellwether So Charters Should Offer Pre-K… But Can They? Commentary 7/16/2015
Ed Next Teachers and the Public Oppose Agency Fees Charged By Teachers Unions Commentary 7/16/2015
Education Trust Joint Statement on the Senate’s Passage of the Every Child Achieves Act Commentary 7/16/2015
Heartland Institute PARCC Sings Its Swan Song Commentary 7/16/2015
Heritage Foundation Senate Passes Education Law Overhaul, but Challenges Remain Commentary 7/16/2015
Show-Me Institute New Website May Open Doors For More Educational Choice Commentary 7/16/2015
Bellwether Why Should Charter Schools Offer Pre-K? Commentary 7/15/2015
CRPE A Culture of High Expectations in New Orleans Report 7/15/2015
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 7/15/2015
School Choice Wisconsin 2015-2017 Approved School Choice Budget Provisions Commentary 7/15/2015
Show-Me Institute Mission: St. Louis Provides Summer Learning Opportunities Commentary/video 7/15/2015
AEI Lofty promises but little change for America’s schools Commentary 7/14/2015
AEI Pay for what works Commentary 7/14/2015
Bellwether Mind the Gap: The Case for Re-Imagining the Way States Judge High School Quality Report 7/14/2015
Bellwether Why Aren’t NAEP Scores for High School Students Going Up? Commentary 7/14/2015
Bellwether The Definitive Ranking of 2016 Candidates… by Charter Performance Commentary 7/14/2015
Bellwether Speed: Race to the Top’s Achilles Heel Commentary 7/14/2015
Ed Next Results of President Obama’s Race to the Top Commentary 7/14/2015
Ed Next What Did Race to the Top Accomplish? Commentary 7/14/2015
Education Trust Class of 2015: Here We Come, America Commentary 7/14/2015
Education Trust Lies, Lies, Damn Lies: Enough With NEA’s Lies About “Test and Punish” Commentary 7/14/2015
Education Trust Kati Haycock On Accountability Amendment #2241 To The Every Child Achieves Act Commentary 7/14/2015
Fordham Institute Pre-K and Charter Schools: Where State Policies Create Barriers to Collaboration Report 7/14/2015
Mackinac Center Mia's Story Shows Private Schools Can Help When Other Schools Have Failed Commentary 7/14/2015
Show-Me Institute Friedman’s Legacy Commentary/announcement 7/14/2015
Show-Me Institute Too Much Testing In Public Education – For Teachers Commentary 7/14/2015
Third Way Why We Need Additional Accountability in ESEA Commentary 7/14/2015
TNTP Helping Teachers See Themselves Commentary 7/14/2015
ConnCAN Inextricably Linked: Education And Connecticut’s Economy Commentary 7/13/2015
CRPE Do Charters Cause Portfolio or Does Portfolio Cause Charters? Chickens and Eggs Revisited Commentary 7/13/2015
Ed Next Chicago Made Its $634 Million Pension Payment, but Still Shortchanges Teachers Commentary 7/13/2015
Education Trust Admiring the Problem, or Solving It Commentary 7/13/2015
Fordham Institute Scott Walker quotes about education Commentary 7/13/2015
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Biweekly digest 7/13/2015
Heartland Institute Florida Special-Needs Choice Program Expands Commentary 7/13/2015
New America Foundation Dual Language Learners Reader Post #10: Preparing Educators to Work with DLLs Commentary 7/13/2015
Cato Institute The Year of Educational Choice: Update IV Commentary 7/10/2015

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