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Think Twice Weekly Report
July 18 - July 24, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Bellwether Teacher Evaluation is NOT About “Getting Rid of Bad Teachers”! Commentary 7/24/2015
Education Trust Developing Great Teaching Commentary 7/24/2015
New America Foundation Charter Pre-K: Early Education’s Missed Opportunity? Commentary 7/24/2015
ConnCAN Murphy’s ESEA Amendment Points To Real Need For Accountability To Support Struggling Schools Commentary 7/23/2015
Ed Next Privacy Push Must Not Prevent Personalized Learning Commentary 7/23/2015
Heartland Institute North Carolina Supreme Court Rules Vouchers Constitutional Commentary 7/23/2015
Heartland Institute Douglas County School-Choice Decision Highlights Need to Re-Examine Blaine Amendments Commentary 7/23/2015
New America Foundation A Changing Portland, A Changing District: Language Diversity in the Centennial School District (Part One) Commentary 7/23/2015
Public Impact Opportunity Culture Lessons from the First Two Years Commentary 7/23/2015
TNTP Solving School Discipline in Pinellas County Commentary 7/23/2015
AEI NCLB waivers threaten sustainable education policy Commentary 7/22/2015
AEI Matching all students to postsecondary opportunities: How college choice is influenced by institutional, state, and federal policy Announcement 7/22/2015
Credo Charter School Performance in Texas 2015 Report 7/22/2015
Fordham Institute The case for career-focused charter schools Commentary 7/22/2015
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 7/22/2015
Lexington Institute Personalizing Learning in Central New Jersey: Reflections from a LELA Fellow Commentary 7/22/2015
Pioneer Institute Federal Overreach and Common Core Report 7/22/2015
Public Agenda Charter Schools In Perspective: What we know and what we talk about Commentary 7/22/2015
Public Impact Opportunity Culture Outcomes: The First Two Years Commentary 7/22/2015
Reason Foundation Academic Outcomes are Key for Investors of Charter School Facilities Bonds Commentary 7/22/2015
AEI Measuring diversity in charter school offerings Report 7/21/2015
AEI How diverse are charter schools? Commentary 7/21/2015
Center of the American Experiment You teach a while, with particular zeal, and then you … move on? Commentary 7/21/2015
CRPE New Orleans: From Recovery to Renaissance Commentary 7/21/2015
Ed Next Opportunity Culture Outcomes: The First Two Years Commentary 7/21/2015
Ed Next The Myth About the Special Education Gap Commentary 7/21/2015
Fordham Institute In God we trust; all others bring data Commentary 7/21/2015
Fordham Institute John Kasich quotes about education Commentary 7/21/2015
NCTQ Contract round up: Los Angeles and San Diego Commentary 7/21/2015
Pioneer Institute Join us 7/31: “Know-Nothings’ Nativism, Catholic Education, and School Choice” Announcement 7/21/2015
Reason Foundation Home-Schooling on the Rise as Alternative to Underperforming Public Schools Commentary 7/21/2015
Bellwether Education and D.C.’s Two Futures Commentary 7/20/2015
Brookings Institute The importance of the teacher supply to education reform Commentary 7/20/2015
CRPE What’s the Next [R]evolution for New Orleans Schools? Commentary 7/20/2015
Ed Next Eye-Opening Stats About High School and College Dropouts Commentary 7/20/2015
Ed Next Not in the Right Ballpark Commentary 7/20/2015
Ed Next What Did Race to the Top Accomplish? Commentary 7/20/2015
Fordham Institute Why should charter schools offer pre-K? Commentary 7/20/2015
Fordham Institute The state of play with ESEA, in a single table Commentary 7/20/2015
Heartland Institute How High School Nearly Destroyed Me, and Why School Choice Matters Commentary 7/20/2015
New America Foundation Interview with Karen Beeman: On the Development of Biliteracy Commentary 7/20/2015
New America Foundation Bipartisan ECAA Doesn’t Go Far Enough to Guarantee Equitable, Quality Education for All Commentary 7/20/2015
Heritage Foundation How to Parent: A Department of Education Guide Commentary 7/18/2015
Heartland Institute Senate Approves Education Bill Keeping Feds in Charge of Education Commentary 7/17/2015

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