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Think Twice Weekly Report
August 22 - August 28, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Ed Next Keep Your Yardsticks Off Teachers’ Careers, Unless . . . Commentary 8/28/2015
Ed Next Top K-12 Education Policy Organizations and Media Outlets on Social Media 2015 Commentary 8/28/2015
AEI A decade of challenges and successes in New Orleans schools Commentary 8/27/2015
AEI Ten years after Katrina: Education reform in New Orleans Announcement 8/27/2015
Bellwether How are New Orleans’ Littlest Learners Faring? Commentary 8/27/2015
Brookings Institution The complicated politics of national standards: Even more sources of opposition (Part 2 of 3) Commentary 8/27/2015
Cato Institute ACLU v. Nevada Children Commentary 8/27/2015
Center of the American Experiment Racial Distrust and Educational Freedom Commentary 8/27/2015
CRPE Hiring District Leaders From the Charter Sector: A Conversation with Superintendents Tom Boasberg and Duncan Klussmann Commentary 8/27/2015
Ed Next Finland Offers Lessons For Building Student, Teacher Agency Commentary 8/27/2015
Ed Next Charter Schools: Taking Stock Commentary 8/27/2015
Friedman Foundation Educational Choice for Nevada Public School Students Threatened By Lawsuit Commentary 8/27/2015
Heartland Institute Florida Legislators Recognize Need for Flexibility, Choice in Special Education Commentary 8/27/2015
New America Foundation Miami’s Language Diversity Paradox Commentary 8/27/2015
Public Impact 5 Steps to Great Evaluation: A System to Guide Development, Careers Commentary 8/27/2015
CRPE Backfill in Charter High Schools: Practices to Learn from and Questions to be Answered Report 8/26/2015
CRPE The Obligations of High-Output Charter High Schools Commentary 8/26/2015
CRPE An Alternative View on Charter Schools and Backfill Commentary 8/26/2015
Ed Next Top K-12 Education Policy People on Social Media 2015 Commentary 8/26/2015
Fordham Institute Schools of Thought: A Taxonomy of American Education Governance Report 8/26/2015
Fordham Institute Education on the campaign trail Commentary 8/26/2015
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 8/26/2015
Fordham Institute Education governance: Different schools of thought Commentary 8/26/2015
Friedman Foundation Principal Leadership: The Instructive Journey of Katie Lundgren Commentary 8/26/2015
Show-Me Institute Size No Barrier To School District Consolidation Commentary 8/26/2015
AEI No participation trophies for Common Core Commentary 8/25/2015
AEI New CAP poll tells us more about kittens than the Common Core Commentary 8/25/2015
ALEC High Stakes Rules For Nevada’s Education Savings Accounts Commentary 8/25/2015
Bellwether NOLA, Hurricane Katrina, and Teacher Pensions (Part II) Commentary 8/25/2015
Ed Next Why Do Two Good Polls Get Different Results? Commentary 8/25/2015
Fordham Institute Scott Walker's Act 10 Caused an Uproar, But Things Are Mostly Back to Normal Commentary 8/25/2015
TNTP Defining Success After Katrina Commentary 8/25/2015
Brookings Institution Waiver politics dominate in the absence of ESEA reauthorization Commentary 8/24/2015
Cato Institute Another Poll: Core Getting Clobbered, Keep the Feds out, and More Commentary 8/24/2015
Ed Next Digital Providers: Let Great Teachers Drive Technology Use, Get Results Commentary 8/24/2015
Ed Next The Feds Have Not Convinced Parents, Teachers, or the General Public on School Discipline Commentary 8/24/2015
Ed Next Common Core’s Silent Majority Commentary 8/24/2015
Fordham Institute Two routes to college readiness Commentary 8/24/2015
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Beweekly digest 8/24/2015
Heartland Institute Major Increase in New Homeschoolers in Northern Florida Reported Commentary 8/24/2015
New America Foundation FY 2016 Budget Could Leave Vulnerable Children at Risk Commentary 8/24/2015
Public Impact What Happens When Charter Schools Achieve Scale Commentary 8/24/2015
Cato Institute Evidence Shortage for Teacher Shortage Commentary 8/23/2015

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