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Think Twice Weekly Report
September 12 - September 18, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Bellwether Could Seattle Be A Test Case for Teacher Evaluation in a Post-ESEA Era? Commentary 9/18/2015
Bellwether Tupac Shakur’s Thoughts on Education Commentary 9/18/2015
Reason Foundation Indianapolis Public Schools Begin Student-Based Budgeting Commentary 9/18/2015
Reason Foundation Student-Based Budgeting has helped Chicago; CPS’ budget bungling is the real problem Commentary 9/18/2015
AEI Four lessons on school reform in New Orleans Commentary 9/17/2015
AEI More on New Orleans: 3 graphs on innovating in education and improving kids’ lives Commentary 9/17/2015
Brookings Institution Music, art, and chess: Addressing boredom in schools Commentary 9/17/2015
Heritage Foundation Ahmed Mohamed Wasn’t the First: 9 Other Times Schools Treated Students Like Criminals Commentary 9/17/2015
Lexington Institute Scaling the Mountain of Education Funding Reform Commentary 9/17/2015
Reason Foundation Key Insights from Colorado's Student-Based Budgeting Districts Commentary 9/17/2015
TNTP A Radically Different Day at School Commentary 9/17/2015
Bellwether Hidden Penalties: How States Shortchange Eary-Career Teachers Report 9/16/2015
Bellwether Negative Returns: How State Pensions Shortchange Teachers Report 9/16/2015
Bellwether How State Pension Plans Shortchange Teachers Commentary 9/16/2015
CRPE Realizing the True Power of State-Run School Districts Commentary 9/16/2015
Ed Next Heading for a Fall Commentary 9/16/2015
EdNext Politicians Couldn’t Agree on a “Common” Yardstick for Schools. Statisticians Created One Anyway. Commentary 9/16/2015
Fordham Institute The real battle for Common Core begins Commentary 9/16/2015
Fordham Institute On Constitution Day, in search of the public mission of schools Commentary 9/16/2015
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 9/16/2015
Heritage Foundation Report: Four-Day School Week Leads to Improved Academic Performance Commentary 9/16/2015
Heritage Foundation Nonprofit Health System Executive Brings After-School Chess Program to Ferguson-Florissant Schools Commentary 9/16/2015
New America Foundation Identifying and Supporting ELLs with Learning Disabilities Commentary 9/16/2015
AEI More than a slogan Commentary 9/15/2015
AEI 5 questions every presidential candidate should answer on school choice Commentary 9/15/2015
AEI Ten years after Katrina: Education reform in New Orleans Announcement 9/15/2015
Brookings Institution Support for Common Core continues to wane Commentary 9/15/2015
Heartland Institute ESA Possibilities Limited Only by Imagination Commentary 9/15/2015
Heritage Foundation ‘Safest School in America’ Has $400K Security System. Should Other Schools Catch Up? Commentary 9/15/2015
Heritage Foundation This Case Could Open Up School Choice Options for 37 States Commentary 9/15/2015
New America Foundation Oregon Embraces Full-Day Kindergarten Commentary 9/15/2015
New America Foundation #ReadyForSuccess: Department of ED Highlights District’s Strategic Use of OER Commentary 9/15/2015
Progressive Policy Institute A Tale of Two Systems: Education Reform in Washington D.C. Report 9/15/2015
TNTP What I Learned From Going Back to School Commentary 9/15/2015
AEI Is college really a path out of poverty? Commentary 9/14/2015
Bellwether Politicians Couldn’t Agree on a “Common” Yardstick for Schools. Statisticians Created One Anyway. Commentary 9/14/2015
Heritage Foundation In Washington State, Thousands of Kids Aren’t Returning to School Commentary 9/14/2015
New America Foundation Tech and Young Children: U.S. Dept. of Ed Elevates Need for Guidance and PD Commentary 9/14/2015
Education Trust Ed Trust Statement on the U.S. Department of Education’s release of the latest College Scorecard data Commentary 9/12/2015
Heartland Institute Washington State Supreme Court Rules Charter Schools Unconstitutional Commentary 9/12/2015
Heritage Foundation 5 Worrisome Back to School Numbers Commentary 9/11/2015

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