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Think Twice Weekly Report
September 19 - September 25, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Bellwether Pope Francis’ School Visit: A Divinely Inspired Moment for Catholic Schools Commentary 9/25/2015
Bellwether Bellwether on Catholic Schools and the Pope’s U.S. Visit Commentary 9/25/2015
Cato Institute A Solution in Search of a Problem Commentary 9/25/2015
Show-Me Institute Course Access Brings The Classroom To The Student Video 9/25/2015
AEI We know we’re right…because Duncan really, really cares Commentary 9/24/2015
Bellwether 3 Steps New York and Other Cities Should Take to Help At-Risk Youth Reach Graduation Commentary 9/24/2015
Brookings Institute Impact of instructional time not equal across students Commentary 9/24/2015
CRPE Rethinking High Schools: Past Efforts Should Inform New Models Commentary 9/24/2015
Fordham Institute Early childhood interventions—a slow fade and a strong comeback? Commentary 9/24/2015
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 9/24/2015
New America Foundation Why Measure School Climate? New America’s Comments on Proposed Surveys Commentary 9/24/2015
TNTP In San Francisco, Getting to 100 Percent Commentary 9/24/2015
AEI Lukewarm column on ‘Black lives matter’ sparks demand for reeducation Commentary 9/23/2015
ConnCAN The School-To-Prison Pipeline Commentary 9/23/2015
Fordham Institute Catholic schools are back Commentary 9/23/2015
Fordham Institute How to widen the achievement gap Commentary 9/23/2015
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Biweekly digest 9/23/2015
Heartland Institute Report: Indiana Best, Montana Worst in School Choice Commentary 9/23/2015
Heritage Foundation Boehner Invites Inner-City Students to See Pope Francis Commentary 9/23/2015
New America Foundation New Research: Two-Year-Old Vocabulary Predicts Kindergarten Success Commentary 9/23/2015
Pioneer Institute Statement on 2015 MCAS Results and Preliminary, Incomplete 2015 PARCC Results Commentary 9/23/2015
TNTP How Do Teachers Really Spend Their Time? Commentary 9/22/2015
AEI Schools aren’t everything Commentary 9/22/2015
AEI American high schools are going to hell. Unless you’re Asian. Commentary 9/22/2015
AEI GOP education reform gets trampled by Trumpmania Commentary 9/22/2015
Bellwether Pope Francis’ School Visit Offers a Look Inside the New Field of PSMOs Commentary 9/22/2015
Brookings Institute The economic value of Breaking Bad: How misbehavior in school pays off for some kids Commentary 9/22/2015
Cato Institute Pope’s Visit Good Time to Contemplate Educational Freedom Commentary 9/22/2015
Cato Institute The Year of Educational Choice: Update V Commentary 9/22/2015
Ed Next Correcting Misinformation on School Choice Commentary 9/22/2015
Ed Next NYT on Education and the Sharing Economy Commentary 9/22/2015
Heartland Institute Book Offers Wide Range of Reasons to Dislike Common Core Commentary 9/22/2015
New America Foundation Not Golden Yet: Building a Stronger Workforce for Young Children in California Commentary 9/22/2015
New America Foundation Settlement Highlights State Obligations to ELLs Commentary 9/22/2015
New America Foundation U.S. Departments of Ed and Justice Release ELL Toolkit Commentary 9/22/2015
Reason Foundation Update: Washington State Supreme Court Rules Charters Unconstitutional Commentary 9/22/2015
Reason Foundation Challenging Nevada’s Education Savings Account Holds Back Education’s Future Commentary 9/22/2015
AEI Common Core’s eroding support Commentary 9/21/2015
AEI The real Obama education legacy Commentary 9/21/2015
Ed Next More Than A Slogan Commentary 9/21/2015
Ed Next Would Pension Plans Be Fine If They Were (Magically) Fully Funded? Commentary 9/21/2015
Fordham Institute Republicans: Education doesn't matter unless you talk about it Commentary 9/21/2015
Heartland Institute Community Schools are Not Just a Fantasy! - Part 2 Commentary 9/21/2015
Heartland Institute Louisiana Governor Signs Common Core Compromise Bills Commentary 9/21/2015
Heritage Foundation Seattle School District Concedes to Union, 53,000 Kids Return to School Commentary 9/21/2015
New America Foundation New America’s Comments on Proposed Head Start Standards Commentary 9/21/2015
Reason Foundation What We Can Learn From Successful Education Reforms in New Orleans Commentary 9/21/2015
Show-Me Institute Second All-Girls Charter School to Open Commentary 9/21/2015
Heartland Institute GOP Presidential Hopefuls Emphasize Choice Support at Education Summit Commentary 9/19/2015

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