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Think Twice Weekly Report
September 26 - October 2, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Cato Institute Protecting School Choice from the State Commentary 10/2/2015
Fordham Institute Building education's watershed moment Commentary 10/2/2015
Friedman Foundation Friday Freakout: Forbes Editor Claims School Choice Kids Will Wreck Good Schools Commentary 10/2/2015
Heartland Institute Idaho Department of Education Requests Public Review of State’s Standards Commentary 10/2/2015
New America Foundation Preschool Development Grants At Risk Commentary 10/2/2015
Show-Me Institute Saint Louis teachers want a raise, and they have a point Commentary 10/2/2015
AEI The Mend of History: The College Board’s 2015 framework Commentary 10/1/2015
AEI With all deliberate speed: Brown v. Board of Education II 60 years later Announcement 10/1/2015
Brookings Institution No, the sky is not falling: Interpreting the latest SAT scores Commentary 10/1/2015
Center of the American Experiment Schoolbooks and Politically Correct Purifications Commentary 10/1/2015
Ed Next Colorado Supreme Court Won’t Tell Legislature How to Allocate Tax Dollars Commentary 10/1/2015
Fordham Institute Judicial activism runs amok in Washington State education Commentary 10/1/2015
Friedman Foundation Pope Francis’ Visit Should Open Minds to School Choice Commentary 10/1/2015
Heartland Institute As Urbanites Take Up Homeschooling, Diversity of Choice Option Increases Commentary 10/1/2015
Heritage Foundation A Huge Education Innovation May Get Squashed in Nevada Commentary 10/1/2015
New America Foundation Tennessee Pre-K: A Lesson on Why the Early Grades Matter Too Commentary 10/1/2015
New America Foundation New Study Confirms Value of Pre-K for Low-Income Latino Students Commentary 10/1/2015
Public Impact Start of a Teacher-Led Revolution? Ask the Teacher-Leaders! Commentary 10/1/2015
Show-Me Institute Charter Schools Do Serve Students with Special Needs Commentary 10/1/2015
TNTP What Andy Smarick Gets Wrong on What The Mirage Gets Wrong Commentary 10/1/2015
AEI The mend of history: A study of the revisions to the AP US History framework Report 9/30/2015
Education Trust Black Teachers Are Leaving the Teaching Profession at Staggering Rates. But Why? Commentary 9/30/2015
Fordham Institute What "The Mirage" gets wrong on teacher development Commentary 9/30/2015
Fordham Institute The bright children left behind Commentary 9/30/2015
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 9/30/2015
Heartland Institute With No John Boehner, What Happens to NCLB? Commentary 9/30/2015
Heartland Institute Oral Arguments Heard in Texas School Funding Case Commentary 9/30/2015
New America Foundation Watch the Event: Building Strong Readers in Minnesota Video 9/30/2015
Cato Institute Liberty Usually Violated before the “Ban” Commentary 9/29/2015
Heartland Institute ACLU’s Challenge of ESA Program is Attack on Choice Commentary 9/29/2015
Heartland Institute Washington Court Holds Legislature in Contempt Over School Funding Commentary 9/29/2015
Heartland Institute College Board Rewrites Advanced Placement U.S. History Standards and History Itself Commentary 9/29/2015
NCTQ The NCTQ Teacher Trendline Commentary 9/29/2015
AEI What we can learn from universal child care in Quebec, Canada Commentary 9/28/2015
Ed Next Actually, Boehner’s Resignation Doesn’t Change the Odds on ESEA Commentary 9/28/2015
Fordham Institute A shocking college-readiness gap in the suburbs Commentary 9/28/2015
Heartland Institute Families Intervene Against Lawsuits Challenging Nevada Education Savings Account Program Commentary 9/28/2015
Heartland Institute Common Core Ballot Question May Be Added in Massachusetts Commentary 9/28/2015
Heartland Institute NEA Supports Leftist Candidates, Causes, Ignoring Conservative Members’ Concerns Commentary 9/28/2015
Heartland Institute States Increase Focus on STEM Education Commentary 9/28/2015
Pioneer Institute New Book: “Drilling through the Core: Why Common Core is Bad for American Education” Commentary 9/28/2015
Heartland Institute Education Policy Experts React to Education Summit, Highlight Importance of Thoughtful Discussion of School Choice Commentary 9/27/2015
Heartland Institute Cost of School Supplies Continues to Rise Rapidly Commentary 9/26/2015
Heartland Institute Court Ruling, Teachers Strikes Complicate Start of School Year in Washington State Commentary 9/26/2015
Bellwether Sorry, Folks, ESEA Reauthorization Just Got Much Harder Commentary 9/25/2015
Friedman Foundation Will Wisconsin School Vouchers “Drain Billions” from Public Schools? Commentary 9/25/2015

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