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Think Twice Weekly Report
November 21 - December 4, 2015

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Bellwether Leaders of Religious Private School Management Organizations Have New Complexities to Navigate Commentary 12/3/2015
Brookings Institute Opportunity, responsibility, and security: A consensus plan for reducing poverty and restoring the American Dream Report 12/3/2015
Brookings Institute Connected learning: How mobile technology can improve education Report 12/3/2015
Brookings Institute Assessment for Learning: An international platform to support national learning assessment systems Commentary 12/3/2015
CRPE "Batter Up!" Advice as States Step Up to the Plate on ESEA Implementation Commentary 12/3/2015
Ed Next Non-Cognitive Measures Not Ready for Accountability Commentary 12/3/2015
Heartland institute ESEA Rewrite Passes House, Heads to Senate Commentary 12/3/2015
TNTP Our Take on ESEA Commentary 12/3/2015
AEI Taking too long on NAEP long-term trend assessments Commentary 12/2/2015
Bellwether New Private School Management Organizations Come in Different Shapes and Sizes Commentary 12/2/2015
Bellwether What Does the NCLB Rewrite Mean for Personalized Learning? Commentary 12/2/2015
Brookings Institute Smart ways to cut back student testing: Data as a flashlight, not a strobe light Commentary 12/2/2015
ConnCAN U.S. House Of Representatives Passes Elementary And Secondary Education Act Commentary 12/2/2015
Ed Next Scoring the New Every Student Succeeds Act Commentary 12/2/2015
Fordham Institute ESEA and the return of a well-rounded curriculum Commentary 12/2/2015
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 12/2/2015
Friedman Foundation Private School Pioneers Report 12/2/2015
Friedman Foundation What Are Private School Management Organizations? Commentary 12/2/2015
Heritage Foundation Top Six New Programs Created in No Child Left Behind Rewrite Commentary 12/2/2015
New America Foundation The Every Student Succeeds Act and Dual Language Learners Commentary 12/2/2015
AEI Preserving school choice in the Pelican State Commentary 12/1/2015
AEI The Office of Civil Rights overreaches on transgender access to school locker rooms Commentary 12/1/2015
Bellwether For Most Students, the ESEA Reauthorization Bill Is A Big Ole Nothing Burger Commentary 12/1/2015
Cato Institute Better Than NCLB? That’s Not Saying Much Commentary 12/1/2015
Cato Institute Will Nevada’s Education Savings Account Benefit the Poor? Commentary 12/1/2015
Education Trust Teacher Vacancies: Hard to Staff, But Not Impossible Commentary 12/1/2015
Fordham Institute Accountability and the Every Student Succeeds Act Commentary 12/1/2015
Fordham Institute A Common Core check-up: Not dead yet Commentary 12/1/2015
Heartland institute Lawmakers Urge Vermont Board of Education to Reverse School Choice Ruling Commentary 12/1/2015
New America Foundation New Study Raises Questions About RTI Implementation Commentary 12/1/2015
Show-Me Institute How To Prevent Teacher Pay Inequity From Worsening Commentary 12/1/2015
AEI An educational opportunity for Speaker Ryan Commentary 11/30/2015
Cato Institute AZ School Officials Oppose Higher Public School Spending Commentary 11/30/2015
Heartland institute Risky Missouri Teachers Pension Plan Proves Investment Return Assumptions Matter Commentary 11/30/2015
Heartland institute Washington, DC-Area Parents Risk Jail Time to Give Their Children a Better Education Commentary 11/30/2015
Heritage Foundation 3 Conservative Goals No Child Left Behind Rewrite Wouldn’t Accomplish Commentary 11/30/2015
Heartland institute Washington State Supreme Court Rules Against Funding Charters Commentary 11/27/2015
Heartland institute Lead Plaintiff of 'Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association' States her Grievances Commentary 11/27/2015
Heartland institute Montana Officials Propose Exclusion of Religious Schools from Scholarship Program Commentary 11/26/2015
AEI ESEA reauthorization reaction round up Commentary 11/25/2015
AEI Massachusetts deals a bruising blow to the Common Core Commentary 11/25/2015
Cato Institute Academic Freedom, Conformity of Opinion, and the Student Demands Commentary 11/25/2015
Heartland institute Washington State Justices' Ruling Ignores Election Commentary 11/25/2015
Heartland institute John King Jr. to Replace Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education Commentary 11/25/2015
Heritage Foundation Charter Schools Go Back to the Drawing Board in Washington State Commentary 11/25/2015
AEI The rewrite of No Child Left Behind is a compromise, but a principled one Commentary 11/24/2015
AEI A critical moment: Fixing No Child Left Behind Commentary 11/24/2015
Fordham Institute On payday lending and parental choice Commentary 11/24/2015
Fordham Institute How Washington State can keep the door open to charter schooling Commentary 11/24/2015
New America Foundation The Critical Role Schools Play in Responding to Refugees Commentary 11/24/2015
AEI The Effect of Public and Private Schooling on Anti-Semitism Report 11/23/2015
AEI The federal 'weights and measures' role in education Commentary 11/23/2015
ALEC Massachusetts Caps Boston Students' Potential by Restricting Charter Growth Commentary 11/23/2015
Ed Next Graphs: Teacher Pension Costs Are Higher Than Teacher Pension Benefits Commentary 11/23/2015
Ed Next Anti-Semitism and Religious Schools Video 11/23/2015
Fordham Institute The new ESEA will help America's high achievers, but only if states rise to the challenge Commentary 11/23/2015
Heritage Foundation Why Massachusetts Gave Up on Common Core Commentary 11/23/2015
New America Foundation Starting Young: Massachusetts Birth-3rd Grade Policies that Support Children’s Literacy Development Commentary 11/23/2015
Fordham Institute Common Core Testing Company Fails to Meet Testing Mandate in Three States Commentary 11/17/2015

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