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Think Twice Weekly Report
January 20 - January 27, 2017

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
ALEC Rebecca Friedrichs: Why Good Teachers Want School Choice Commentary/video 1/27/2017
Bellwether Should Public Charter Schools Be Allowed to Opt Out of State-run Teacher Pension Plans? Commentary 1/27/2017
Ed Next Who Really Benefits From Dual Language Education? Commentary 1/27/2017
Heartland Institute Research & Commentary: Education Savings Accounts In Oklahoma Commentary 1/27/2017
Mackinac Center Detroit Schools Show Importance of School Choice Commentary 1/27/2017
Manhattan Institute How School Vouchers Can Help Children with Disabilities Commentary 1/27/2017
Pioneer Institute Celebrating School Choice Week: Removing Know-Nothing/Blaine Barriers to School Choice Commentary 1/27/2017
Bellwether Michigan’s Other, Often Overlooked, School Choice Program Commentary 1/26/2017
ConnCAN Leading Connecticut Education Organizations Agree To Design Principles For New School Funding Formula Commentary 1/26/2017
Ed Choice America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Eligibility, 2017 Edition Commentary 1/26/2017
Ed Choice America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Participation, 2017 Edition Commentary 1/26/2017
Ed Choice America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Purchasing Power, 2017 Edition Commentary 1/26/2017
Ed Next Inequality and Education in the Age of Trump Commentary 1/26/2017
Fordham Institute (No) Money in the Bank Report 1/26/2017
Fordham Institute A bipartisan silver lining in a Betsy DeVos appointment? Commentary 1/26/2017
Heritage Foundation Only 2 Miles, but a Planet Away Commentary 1/26/2017
NCTQ The NCTQ Teacher Trendline Commentary 1/26/2017
Pioneer Institute Celebrating School Choice Week: Vocational-Technical Education Commentary 1/26/2017
Reason Foundation Fight for School Choice Gaining Momentum in Texas Commentary 1/26/2017
WILL WILL Press Release | Americans For Prosperity Hosts Will Education Policy Expert To Discuss The Economic Benefits Of School Choice Announcement 1/26/2017
AEI Race, social justice, and school reform Announcement 1/25/2017
AEI Obama’s accidental parting gift to school choice Commentary 1/25/2017
Bellwether School Choice Alone Won’t Solve Educational Inequities Tied to Zip Code Commentary 1/25/2017
Brookings Institution High-quality, statewide preschool is possible–just look to Michigan Commentary 1/25/2017
Center of the American Experiment Critics of school choice bear the burden of proof now Commentary 1/25/2017
Center on Education Policy Choice for Secretary of Education Commentary 1/25/2017
Ed Choice U.S. States Ranked by Educational Choice Share, 2017 Commentary 1/25/2017
Ed Next The Research on Charter Schools: An Introduction Commentary 1/25/2017
Fordham Institute From "16 and Pregnant" to "Teen Mom" to "30 Something Grandma" Commentary 1/25/2017
Fordham Institute Trump's $20 billion school choice plan likely to leave details to the states Commentary 1/25/2017
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 1/25/2017
Heritage Foundation Lawmaker Channels Trump’s ‘Power to the People’ Message to Reform Education Commentary 1/25/2017
Pioneer Institute Celebrating School Choice Week: Digital Learning Commentary 1/25/2017
WILL WILL Blog | Flanders: Did Obama’s 7 Billion Dollar Education Experiment Fail Wisconsin Too? Commentary 1/25/2017
AEI Strange Days, My Friend Commentary 1/24/2017
AEI A disability misstep for DeVos Commentary 1/24/2017
ALEC State of the State: Arizona Commentary 1/24/2017
ALEC Celebrating Educational Choice Across the Country During School Choice Week Commentary 1/24/2017
Bellwether New Bellwether Analysis on Michigan Education Provides Facts for DeVos Debate Commentary 1/24/2017
Buckeye Institute Celebrate School Choice Week! Commentary 1/24/2017
Ed Choice The ABCs of School Choice Report 1/24/2017
Ed Next Smarick’s Crusade Against SIG Commentary 1/24/2017
Ed Next A Weak SIG-nal: Subpar Research Design Means We Don’t Really Know if SIG Worked Commentary 1/24/2017
Fordham Institute It's time to free states to improve the focus and fit of their Title I funds Commentary 1/24/2017
Mackinac Center Putting the Pieces in Place for School Choice Commentary 1/24/2017
Public Impact How 2 Pioneering Blended-Learning Teachers Extended Their Reach Commentary 1/24/2017
TNTP Why Education Always Hits the Snooze Button on its A.I. Awakening Commentary 1/24/2017
University of Arkansas State and District Fiscal Effects of a Universal Education Savings Account Program in Arkansas Report 1/24/2017
AEI The $7 billion school improvement grant program: Greatest failure in the history of the US Department of Education? Commentary 1/23/2017
Bellwether Michigan Education Landscape: A Fact Base for the DeVos Debate Report 1/23/2017
Brookings Institution Yes, school board members are often ideological, and that’s OK Commentary 1/23/2017
Cato Institute Will 2017 Be Another Year of Educational Choice? Commentary 1/23/2017
Center of the American Experiment Kim Crockett on the Betsy DeVos Nomination as Secretary of Education Podcast and announcement 1/23/2017
Center of the American Experiment Chicago Tribune Defends Betsy DeVos and School Choice Commentary 1/23/2017
CRPE Bridging the District-Charter Divide to Help More Students Succeed Report 1/23/2017
CRPE Necessity, Not Nicety: What We’ve Learned About District-Charter Alliances Commentary 1/23/2017
Ed Choice Exploring Texas’s Private Education Sector Report 1/23/2017
Education Trust “The Education Trust cannot support DeVos’ nomination for U.S. Secretary of Education,” says Kati Haycock to Senate HELP Committee Commentary 1/23/2017
Fordham Institute Event recap: How could the feds push private school choice? Commentary 1/23/2017
Heartland Institute Research & Commentary: ESA Bill For Special-Needs Students Would Keep Indiana At The Forefront Of The Education Choice Movement Commentary 1/23/2017
New America Foundation DeVos and Price Hearings Leave Us With More Questions on Early Ed Commentary 1/23/2017
New America Foundation Framing an Agenda for Dual Immersion Program Expansion in Montgomery County Commentary 1/23/2017
New America Foundation The School Principal’s Role in Reducing Teacher Turnover Commentary 1/23/2017
Center of the American Experiment U.S. Senator recalls Minnesota’s historical contribution to School Choice at Betsy Devos Hearings Commentary 1/21/2017
AEI Trump’s Inauguration Day: Policy recommendations for the new president Commentary 1/20/2017
Center of the American Experiment Betsy DeVos and Over-the-Top Fears of Privatizing Public Schools to Their Last Stub of Chalk Commentary 1/20/2017
Ed Next The Patriots, Texans, and School Reform Commentary 1/20/2017
Heartland Institute Research & Commentary: Universal ESA Program Would Make Arkansas A National Leader In Education Choice Commentary 1/20/2017
Heartland Institute Research & Commentary: School Voucher Bill Would Be A Great First Step Toward Private School Choice In Nebraska Commentary 1/20/2017
Mackinac Center Cheers for Detroit Schools Transparency Commentary 1/20/2017
Mackinac Center The Hypocrisy of 'Public' Education Rhetoric Commentary 1/20/2017

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