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Think Twice Weekly Report
June 10 - June 16, 2017

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Cato Institute School Inc. Under Attack: Milton Friedman, PBS, and the Quixotic Pursuit of “Balance” in Public Broadcasting Commentary 6/15/2017
Ed Next Reading and Math Scores: ‘Handle with Care’ Commentary 6/15/2017
Bellwether Three Takeaways from the Arizona Correctional Educators’ Symposium Commentary 6/14/2017
Brookings Institution How progressive is school funding in the United States? Commentary 6/14/2017
CRPE “It’s Not My Problem!” Why Charter Schools and Districts Need to Work Together on the Politics of School Closure Commentary 6/14/2017
Ed Next In a Changing Rural America, What Can Charter Schools Offer? Commentary 6/14/2017
Ed Next Is Test-Based Accountability Dead? Commentary 6/14/2017
Fordham Institute Betsy DeVos's team stumbles on ESSA Commentary 6/14/2017
Manhattan Institute Money for nothing: the ugly truth about NYC’s schools Commentary 6/14/2017
New America Foundation Contours of the Field: Engaging Parents of English Learners Commentary 6/14/2017
AEI Portents of success Commentary 6/13/2017
AEI To reform education, be ambitious Commentary 6/13/2017
Cato Institute Critique of School Inc. Illustrates Why Airing It Is Right Commentary 6/13/2017
Center for American Progress All Sides Agree that Single Servicer Is a Bad Move Commentary 6/13/2017
Ed Next Technology Doesn’t Drive Blended Learning Success … or Does It? Commentary 6/13/2017
Education Trust The U.S. Department Of Education Abdicates Its Responsibility To Protect Students And Taxpayers Press release 6/13/2017
Fordham Institute We must find a better way to rank high schools and measure college readiness Commentary 6/13/2017
Fordham Institute Suburbanites want isolated public school districts, but broad choice can tear down those walls Commentary 6/13/2017
Fordham Institute Success Academy puts its "School Blueprints" online: How many will follow the lead of our highest achieving charter network? Commentary 6/13/2017
Fordham Institute Why isn't education research more useful to policymakers? Commentary 6/13/2017
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 6/13/2017
Pioneer Institute The Healing Hand: Modeling Catholic Medical Vocational-Technical Schooling Report 6/13/2017
Heartland Institute Judicial Watch Sues DOE Over School Grants Program Commentary 6/13/2017
AEI The ambitious elementary school: Rethinking school design for educational equality Announcement 6/12/2017
Ed Next What’s at Stake for Schools in the Health Care Bill? Commentary 6/12/2017
Fordham Institute Turning students into teachers Commentary 6/12/2017
Heartland Institute Compulsory School Attendance: Compassionate Or Counterproductive? Commentary 6/12/2017
New America Foundation New Brief Examines Social-Emotional Learning in Pre-K Commentary 6/12/2017
New America Foundation Leading the Way: How States Are Addressing Early Learning Under ESSA Commentary 6/12/2017
Public Impact Advanced Teaching Roles: Guideposts for Excellence at Scale Commentary 6/12/2017
CREDO Charter Management Organizations 2017 Report 6/11/2017
Ed Next From Dream to Reality: The Entire Class at this Brooklyn Charter School Is Going to College Commentary 6/11/2017
Fordham Institute An interview with Caprice Young, Charter School Hall of Fame inductee Commentary 6/11/2017
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Biweekly digest 6/11/2017
New America Foundation California Pre-K: A Leader On Access and Funding, Working to Improve Quality Commentary 6/11/2017
AEI Education reform: Parent/teacher partnerships—Lessons from a charter school | In 60 seconds Video 6/11/2017
Heartland Institute Testimony Before the Oregon Senate Education Committee Commentary 6/10/2017

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