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Think Twice Weekly Report
August 12 - August 18, 2017

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Brookings Institution Could “With a Little Help from My Friends” become the next college access anthem? Commentary 8/18/2017
Ed Next Adding Pre-K to Renaissance Charter School Commentary 8/18/2017
Ed Trust Race Matters, But Facts Do Too Commentary 8/18/2017
AEI Education reform isn’t in retreat Commentary 8/17/2017
Ed Choice Arizona’s ESA Program Expansion: Who’s Behind the Signature Challenge and What’s Next Podcast 8/17/2017
Ed Next When it Comes to Education, Are Californians Unique? Commentary 8/17/2017
AEI Philadelphia’s good intentions can’t overcome implementation inertia Commentary 8/16/2017
AEI Philadelphia’s Partway Teacher Evaluation Program Report 8/16/2017
Ed Next Help Wanted: Who Is Missing From This List of Top Tweeters in Education Policy? Commentary 8/16/2017
Fordham Institute Betsy DeVos is wrong about accountability for schools of choice Commentary 8/16/2017
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 8/16/2017
Fordham Institute The widening embrace of content-rich curricula Commentary 8/16/2017
Heartland Institute Teachers Union Kills Another Successful School Of Choice Commentary 8/16/2017
New America Foundation Pioneering Change: Leveraging Data to Reform English Learner Education in Oregon Report 8/16/2017
New America Foundation Seeing Clearly: Five Lenses to Bring English Learner Data into Focus Report 8/16/2017
Show-Me Institute Teachers Are Great, And The Pay Isn’t Bad! Commentary 8/16/2017
AEI Race and education reform | VIEWPOINT Video 8/15/2017
Cato Institute Charters—But Not Private Choice—Take A Spill Commentary 8/15/2017
CRPE Are City Schools Becoming Monolithic? Analyzing the Diversity of Options in Denver, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C. Report 8/15/2017
Ed Trust On Charlottesville: Race Matters, But Facts Do Too Commentary 8/15/2017
Fordham Institute Uniform statewide standards and tests: Still popular, still smart, and still the law of the land Commentary 8/15/2017
Fordham Institute Psychological harm and school choice Commentary 8/15/2017
Fordham Institute Uniform statewide standards and tests: Still popular, still smart, and still the law of the land Commentary 8/15/2017
Show-Me Institute New Missouri Standardized Test Scores Don’t Tell Us A Lot Commentary 8/15/2017
Cato Institute Diverted Educational Resources = Higher Student Achievement? Commentary 8/14/2017
Ed Next Disability Rights Advocates Are Fighting the Wrong Fight on School Choice Commentary 8/14/2017
Fordham Institute Seize the opportunity to support all gifted and talented students Commentary 8/14/2017
New America Foundation English-Only States and Native Language Assessment Under ESSA Commentary 8/14/2017
Heartland Institute Families Unplugged: Screen Time Vs. Face Time Commentary 8/12/2017

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