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Think Twice Weekly Report
September 16 - September 22, 2017

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Bellwether Education is All Guts, No Glory for Some Parents Commentary 9/22/2017
Bellwether Simple, Streamlined, and Supportive: Engaging Even Reluctant Families Commentary 9/22/2017
Center of the American Experiment Teacher Absenteeism a Big Problem in MN Public Schools Commentary 9/22/2017
Ed Next What We’ve Forgotten About School Reform: Courtesy of Messrs. Tyack, Cuban, and Payne Commentary 9/22/2017
Education Trust The Case for Investing in High-Quality Early Learning Commentary 9/22/2017
Fordham Institute Better together than going it alone Commentary 9/22/2017
Fordham Institute How do we overcome the challenges of providing more and better high school choices? Commentary 9/22/2017
Heartland Institute Social Justice Warriors Glitter Bomb School Reform Commentary 9/22/2017
Heartland Institute Documentary: Better To Run Education Like A Business? Commentary 9/22/2017
Bellwether Simple, Streamlined, and Supportive: Engaging Even Reluctant Families Commentary 9/21/2017
Bellwether One Area Where Parent Engagement Research is Clear: Early Childhood Education Commentary 9/21/2017
Education Trust Invest in Educators, Invest in Title II Commentary 9/21/2017
Fordham Institute The failure of civics education Commentary 9/21/2017
Mackinac Center Most Michigan Parents Satisfied with School Choice Commentary 9/21/2017
Public Agenda An Amazing Learning Environment For Students And A Great Workplace For Educators Announcement/commentary 9/21/2017
Show-Me Institute A Closer Look At Accreditation Commentary 9/21/2017
WILL WILL Press Release | WILL Statement On State Budget Commentary 9/21/2017
AEI Let SUNY’s charter schools act like charter schools Commentary 9/20/2017
Bellwether “I’d Better Bring Home An A”: The Power Of Parent Expectations Commentary 9/20/2017
Brookings Institution What should we pay teachers? Commentary 9/20/2017
Brookings Institution Can We Leapfrog? The Potential of Education Innovations to Rapidly Accelerate Progress Report 9/20/2017
Center of the American Experiment Is Minnesota Nice? Not If You Are a Conservative Commentary 9/20/2017
ConnCAN Let’s Lift Our Kids Up, Not Hold Them Back Commentary 9/20/2017
Education Trust Classroom Assignments Matter. Here’s Why. Commentary 9/20/2017
Fordham Institute Public schools don't have a monopoly on creating good citizens Commentary 9/20/2017
Fordham Institute The charter movement's "tipping point" strategy isn't working. What now? Commentary 9/20/2017
Fordham Institute Public schools' billion-hour teacher absenteeism problem Commentary 9/20/2017
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 9/20/2017
Fordham Institute Teacher Absenteeism in Charter and Traditional Public Schools Report 9/20/2017
Heartland Institute Research & Commentary: Strike Vouchers Would Help Keep Vermont Children In Classrooms During Teacher Walkouts Commentary 9/20/2017
Heartland Institute Florida Law Empowers Residents To Contest Classroom Materials Commentary 9/20/2017
New America Foundation Building a Bilingual Teacher Pipeline: Bilingual Teacher Fellows at Highline Public Schools, -and- Building a Bilingual Teacher Pipeline: The Portland Public Schools and Portland State University Dual Language Teacher Partnership Report 9/20/2017
AEI Straight Up Conversation: Teach to One CEO Joel Rose Commentary 9/19/2017
AEI Beware the cost of teacher benefits Commentary 9/19/2017
AEI Education reform in DC | VIEWPOINT Video 9/19/2017
Bellwether Assets, Not Barriers: 5 Ways Teachers Can Connect With and Empower Families Across Language Barriers Commentary 9/19/2017
Bellwether Silenced But Not Complacent: Limited English Proficient Parents Commentary 9/19/2017
Brookings Institution Integrating schools in a gentrifying city through choice Commentary 9/19/2017
Cato Institute I Hear You, Matt Damon Commentary 9/19/2017
CRPE Better Together: Ensuring Quality District Schools in Times of Charter Growth and Declining Enrollment Report 9/19/2017
Ed Next Researching the Ambiguities of School Accreditation Commentary 9/19/2017
Ed Next Betsy DeVos to Speak at School Choice Conference at Harvard Announcement 9/19/2017
Education Trust FY18 Appropriations: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly + What’s Next Commentary 9/19/2017
Heartland Institute Idaho District To Provide Online Courses Free To Homeschool Families Commentary 9/19/2017
New America Foundation Home Visit Programs Are Proven to be Effective Commentary 9/19/2017
Ed Choice Why Indiana Parents Choose Report 9/18/2017
Ed Next Summer Learning Loss: What Is It, and What Can We Do About It? Commentary 9/18/2017
Fordham Institute researchED: Connecting education research and practice Commentary 9/18/2017
Heartland Institute Pennsylvania College Provides A Different Higher Education Model Commentary 9/18/2017
New America Foundation Ambitious Bill Aims to Solve Child Care Crisis Commentary 9/18/2017
New America Foundation New Unofficial Guide to the Why and How of State Early Childhood Data Systems Commentary 9/18/2017
Pioneer Institute Op-ed: Education focus, testing on history, civics critical to well-informed citizenry Commentary 9/18/2017
Bellwether Building Momentum For Family Engagement: A Q&A With Bellwether’s Jeff Schulz Commentary 9/14/2017

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