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Think Twice Weekly Report
November 11 - November 17, 2017

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Brookings Institution American students need to be able to dream big Commentary 11/16/2017
CRPE Stepping Up: How Are American Cities Delivering on the Promise of Public School Choice? Report 11/16/2017
Ed Choice Does More School Choice Regulation Lead to Less Diverse Schools? Podcast 11/16/2017
Ed Next Listening > Robotics Commentary 11/16/2017
Heartland Institute Antifa Radical Remains Employed By Berkeley, California School District Commentary 11/16/2017
Heartland Institute Unionized Schools Plagued By Chronic Teacher Absences, Study Finds Commentary 11/16/2017
Mackinac Center MEA Attack on Online Charters Misses Mark Commentary 11/16/2017
Manhattan Institute The Student Discipline Delusion Commentary 11/16/2017
AEI Improving career and technical education by reforming high schools and community colleges Announcement/video 11/15/2017
ALEC Give Military Families School Choice Commentary 11/15/2017
Bellwether Better Buses: Three Ways to Improve School Transportation, in Under 3 Minutes Commentary 11/15/2017
Brookings Institution Strategies for teaching metacognition in classrooms Commentary 11/15/2017
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 11/15/2017
Heartland Institute Student Publishes Comparison Of Act And Classic Learning Test Commentary 11/15/2017
Heartland Institute Congress Considers Three Bills Aimed At National Student Data Collection Commentary 11/15/2017
New America Foundation Will the Ghost of Tracking’s Past Haunt Youth Apprenticeship’s Future? Commentary 11/15/2017
Ed Next Can School Choice Keep Children Safe from Bullying? Commentary 11/14/2017
Fordham Institute Rating the Ratings: An Analysis of the 51 ESSA Accountability Plans Report 11/14/2017
George W. Bush Institute Looking Forward: The Possibility of Accountability’s Next Phase Commentary 11/14/2017
Heartland Institute Voucher Program Overregulation Homogenizes Schools, Study Finds Commentary 11/14/2017
WILL Let There Be Light Report 11/14/2017
Heartland Institute The NFL Flap Exposes Media Ignorance And The Failure Of Civic Education Commentary 11/14/2017
AEI The Evolving High School CTE: New Jersey’s Distinctive Approach to Career Education Report 11/13/2017
Brookings Institution Chemical warfare on children's brains: Where environmental toxins meet education Commentary 11/13/2017
Center of the American Experiment Ongoing Turmoil at Edina High School as Police Investigate Video [Updated] Commentary 11/13/2017
Ed Next New Evidence That Students’ Beliefs About Their Brains Drive Learning Commentary 11/13/2017
Education Trust ExtraOrdinary Districts: Chicago Part 1 – Nowhere to Go But Up Podcast 11/13/2017
Education Trust ExtraOrdinary Districts: Chicago Part 2 – Stumbling Toward Some Answers Podcast 11/13/2017
Education Trust ExtraOrdinary Districts: Chicago Part 3 – On the Ground Podcast 11/13/2017
New America Foundation Where are All the Teachers of Color? Commentary 11/13/2017
Heartland Institute Trump Commits $200 Million To Expand STEM Education Commentary 11/13/2017
Ed Choice Military Families Will Sacrifice for Their Kids’ Education, But School Choice Could Help Podcast 11/11/2017
University of Arkansas Silencing the Seventh Trumpet: Analyzing the Effect of Private Schooling on Voter Behavior Report 11/10/2017

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