Think Twice Weekly Report

JUNE 1, 2024 - JUNE 7, 2024

The Think Twice Weekly Report compiles public education-related policy reports, research and articles of interest to policymakers, educators and stakeholders. This list is not exhaustive but is meant to highlight recent reports that may be used to support or undermine the work of our subscribers in supporting public schools. We encourage you to take a moment to scan these reports and determine if they may be used by policy makers to assist or erode your mission.

Policy Reports

School Choice (Learning Options)

Source: Bellwether
Date: 6/5/2024
None of the Above: A New Vision for State Standardized Testing

Across the nation, innovative learning models are reshaping K-12 education and offering experiences that go beyond traditional classrooms - community-based programs, local summer camps, online courses, university partnerships, and much more. Navigation organizations have become essential allies to families in accessing these opportunities, providing information and personalized guidance to identify suitable learning options and take advantage of available funding.

But navigation organizations face many challenges - including the complexity of direct funding programs, a dearth of data on learning option providers, and a resource-intense service model - that keep them from meeting the needs of all families. In this series, we examine the pressing need for navigation services, the hurdles that limit their effectiveness, and potential solutions to enhance their impact. Drawing from extensive research, expert interviews, and insights from Bellwether's Filling the Gap and Assembly grant programs, "Charting a Course" offers a roadmap for policymakers, funders, navigation organizations, and technology developers to strengthen navigation services.

#1: Increasing Access to Learning Options Through Navigation explores the increasing demand for navigators' services in K-12 education.

Reports Reviewed

GLC seeks to ensure that policy briefs impacting education reform are based on sound, credible academic research. Below are reviews conducted with GLC support.

Review of The Reality of Switchers

Source: EdChoice
Reviewed by: Joshua Cowen, Michigan State University

A new report from the voucher-advocacy group EdChoice takes issue with the overwhelming evidence establishing that most users of vouchers under recent expansions of these policies have never attended public schools.

In his review of The Reality of Switchers, Michigan State University professor Joshua Cowen highlights the lack of credible research literature and the absence of an accepted methodology used by EdChoice to arrive at its conclusions.

What We're Reading

Research and articles that we want to highlight for subscribers as potential resources:

After a 7-year experiment, New Orleans is an all-charter district no more

By: Beth Hawkins, Route Fifty

The closely watched experiment is coming to an end. New Orleans Public Schools will now act both as a charter school authorizer and an old-fashioned school district.

Moms for Liberty Was Never About Protecting Kids

By: Maurice Cunningham, The Progressive Magazine

The rightwing extremist group and its co-founder Tiffany Justice want to take away the right to safe and enriching public schools.

Don't Be Fooled By 'School Choice.' It's a Trojan Horse for Privatizing Education.

By: Jasmine Bolton and April Callen, US News & World Report

Vouchers don't just rob Peter to pay Paul. They rob all taxpayers to pay a privileged few.

States Should Reverse Course on Defunding Public Education Through Private School Vouchers and Property Tax Cuts

By: Joanna LeFebvre, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Research suggests property tax cuts result in disproportionately less funding for districts serving large numbers of students of color and that school funding matters more for these students' life outcomes because of historical and systemic racial discrimination. States wishing to ensure a quality education for all children should instead invest in public schools, reject K-12 voucher programs, and pursue only targeted property tax relief.

Utah's largest teacher union files lawsuit against state's school choice voucher program

By: Katie McKellar, Route Fifty

The lawsuit argues the voucher program violates several provisions of the Utah Constitution that require the state to establish an education system equally accessible to every child. It comes amid an expansion of these programs nationwide.