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Think Twice Weekly Report
October 22 - October 28, 2016

The Think Twice Weekly Report is a compilation of education-related articles and reports posted each week by the think tanks monitored as part of the Think Twice think tank review project funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice.

Think Tank Title Type Release Date
Heartland Institute Public Dissatisfied With Learning Standards, Disagrees On Goal Of Education, Poll Shows Commentary 10/28/2016
Heartland Institute Obama Administration Urges Schools To Limit Police Force Commentary 10/28/2016
Brookings Institution Going to school is optional: Schools need to engage students to increase their lifetime opportunities Commentary 10/27/2016
Brookings Institution Engaging parents with school starts at work Commentary 10/27/2016
Cato Institute Improving American Lab Report—Kinda Commentary 10/27/2016
Ed Next Charter Schools Are Reinventing Local Control Commentary 10/27/2016
Fordham Institute New model law from the National Alliance acknowledges the elephant in the room: Virtual charter schools Commentary 10/27/2016
Show-Me Institute The NAACP’s Misguided Opposition To Charter Schools Commentary 10/27/2016
TNTP Formation: Cultural Relevance in a Contemporary Classroom Commentary 10/27/2016
AEI Unlike Their Neighbors: Charter School Student Composition Across States Report 10/26/2016
ConnCAN A Message To Our State Leaders Commentary 10/26/2016
CRPE Linking State and Local School Improvement Commentary 10/26/2016
Ed Next Of Deliberate Practice, Memory, and Expertise Commentary 10/26/2016
Ed Next Can Civil Rights Institutions Keep Up as Public Education Evolves? Commentary 10/26/2016
Fordham Institute Charter schools are reinventing local control Commentary 10/26/2016
Fordham Institute The Education Gadfly Weekly Weekly digest 10/26/2016
Heartland Institute Massachusetts Voters To Decide On Charter School Cap Commentary 10/26/2016
Heartland Institute Western Governors University Praised For Reducing Student Debt Commentary 10/26/2016
Heartland Institute Florida Teachers Union Appeals Tax Credit Scholarship Ruling To State Supreme Court Commentary 10/26/2016
Manhattan Institute Willful Selection Bias Vilifies Charter Schools Commentary 10/26/2016
Manhattan Institute On Massachusetts Ballot Question 2: Charter Schools Commentary 10/26/2016
New America Foundation New Guidance on Using ESSA to Support Early Learning Commentary 10/26/2016
Pioneer Institute Cap, Talent Pipeline, And Facilities Funding Among Factors Prohibiting State Charter Sector From Achieving Scale Commentary 10/26/2016
Ed Next Why Charters Will Lose in Massachusetts Commentary 10/25/2016
Ed Next What You Need to Know about ED’s Proposed Rule on Title I Supplement-Not-Supplant Commentary 10/25/2016
Fordham Institute What a Democratic wave election would mean for education reform Commentary 10/25/2016
Heartland Institute Charter Schools Are Private Corporations, National Labor Relations Board Rules Commentary 10/25/2016
Pioneer Institute New Video Release: The Time To Act Video 10/25/2016
TNTP The Revolutionary Act of Pronunciation Commentary 10/25/2016
University of Arkansas Cross-Subsidization of Teacher Pension Normal Cost: The Case of CalSTRS Report 10/25/2016
AEI Newark superintendent Chris Cerf on system reform Commentary 10/24/2016
AEI The disappearing excuse for the disappearing NAEP Commentary 10/24/2016
ALEC Video: Dr. Steve Perry Addresses ALEC attendees Video 10/24/2016
Brookings Institute Segregation, race, and charter schools: What do we know? Report 10/24/2016
Brookings Institution Careful! Metrics matter a great deal when estimating racial segregation in schools Commentary 10/24/2016
Ed Next Black-White Disparity in Student Loan Debt More Than Triples After Graduation Commentary 10/24/2016
Ed Next Newark Superintendent Chris Cerf on System Reform Commentary 10/24/2016
Fordham Institute It's dangerous to deny the existence of implicit bias Commentary 10/24/2016
Fordham Institute Ohio Education Gadfly Biweekly Biweekly digest 10/24/2016
Mackinac Center An Opportunity to Improve School Funding Equity? Commentary 10/24/2016
New America Foundation Quality Improvements for Child Care Cross the Finish Line Commentary 10/24/2016
New America Foundation A New 21st-Century Job: The Media Mentor Commentary 10/24/2016
Heartland Institute After The Fall: Catholic Education Beyond The Common Core Report 10/23/2016
Heartland Institute NYC Department Of Education Summary Of Transfer Changes Commentary 10/23/2016
Brookings Institution Lessons for Broadening School Accountability under the Every Student Succeeds Act Report 10/19/2016
Brookings Institution Instruction, culture, and curriculum in E.D. Hirsch, Jr.’s “Why Knowledge Matters” Commentary 10/19/2016
George W. Bush Institute A Framework for Principal Talent Management Report 10/19/2016


Currently Under Review

Center for American Progress
Better Evidence, Better Choices, Better Schools: State Supports for Evidence-Based School Improvement and the Every Student Succeeds Act

Recently Reviewed

University of Arkansas - Education Reform
Squeezing the Public School Districts: The Fiscal Effects of Eliminating the Louisiana Scholarship Program
- and -
The Fiscal Effect of Eliminating the Louisiana Scholarship Program on State Education Expenditures

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About The Think Twice Think Tank Review Project:

Think Twice is one of the nation's first efforts to serve as a watchdog to review think tank research on public education issues and policies, ensuring that published work meets the quality and standards of university scholarship. The goal of the Think Twice project is to provide the public, policy makers and the press with timely academically sound reviews of selected think tank publications.

The Think Twice project is funded by the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice. The reviews that are a part of this project are expert third party reviews produced by the National Education Policy Center (NEPC).

About The Great Lakes Center for Education Research & Practice:

The Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by education stakeholders across the country. The mission of the Great Lakes Center is to improve public education for all students in the Great Lakes region through the support and dissemination of high quality, academically sound research on education policy and practices. Visit the Great Lakes Center website at:

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